SUNTRONIC CIRCUITS provides PCB design service, including schematic design, PCB design, program development and full turnkey product design. SUNTRONIC CIRCUITS supports your project a turnkey solution from schematic design through PCB design to prototype and production. We design the electronic circuits according to custom specifications, at affordable costs with highest possible quality and reliability. With a team of professional engineers. It has successful experience in developing home automation products, remote control systems and consumer electronics.

One-stop service for Quick turn around your projects, SUNTRONIC CIRCUITS offers PCB clone and PCB reverse engineering. PCB copy means cloning the circuit board, producing samples, replacing components, making BOM list, derived schematic.
We have the international advanced scanning equipment, a professional senior PCB copy engineer team. So we are in a position to master the structure and mode of circuit board, and clone the circuit board which is 100% same as original sample. At the same time, we also can make a little change of circuit board according to customer’s demand to meet customer requirements.

What we need from customer before pcb clone:
circuit board clone: 1 piece of PCB sample
assembled PCB clone: 2 pieces PCBA sample in case of Chip-Decoding


Maximum active pcb size: 560 mm x 622 mm

Materials: High Tg FR 4, Polyimide, PTFE, Halogen free,High Frequency , metal substrate

Solder resists: Liquid photo-image able, colors: green, red, blue, black, white etc. Cover film.

Legend inks: white standard, yellow

Multi-layer: layer counts from 1 to 24 layers

PCB thicknesses from 0.2mm to 6.0 mm

Copper weights: 1/2 oz to 4 oz

PCB finishes: HASL,ENIG,OSP,ENEPIG,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin etc.

Min track and gap: 3.0/3.0 mil .

Smallest drill at size: 0.2mm Smallest

Laser drilling size : 0.1MM

Minimum recommended gap between SMD pads: 0.12mm

Minimum solder resist to copper clearance: 0.1 mm

Maximum plated hole depth to diameter aspect ratio : 20:1

Mechanical: edge chamfering, counter-sinking, counter-boring, routing, scoring all available.

Special treatment : Impedance , half plated holes , via in PAD , golden fingers , HDI etc.